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Free Needlework Chart for a Miniature Geranium in Petitpoint or Cross Stitch


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Needlepoint or Cross Stitch a Geranium Plant for Small Scale Projects
Miniature geranium plant in petit point stitched on silk gauze for use as a dollhouse cushion front.

Geranium plant stitched on 42HPI Silk Gauze for a Dollhouse miniature cushion.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Use this miniature chart for a flowering geranium for dollhouse scale upholstery or cushions, or a petit point brooch. The design is worked in a continental or tent stitch. As shown here, I've used a single strand of linen thread for everything except the flowers, to give the piece a soft vintage look. It is easy to adapt the colors of both the flowers and the leaves for a range of color schemes.

This design coordinates with the art deco geranium floor or wall tiles in miniature scales.

The design can be worked on linen or silk gauze as shown, and you can stitch the background to suite your color scheme. This makes a good design for a miniature cushion, or you can cross stitch it on heavier fabric for a miniature afghan. Of course you can always work the design as a full scale project on a larger count fabric.

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