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Traditional Ribbon Tied Bouquet Petit Point with Roses and Lily of the Valley


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Chart for the Traditional Rose and Lily of the Valley Bouquet in Petit Point
Chart for a traditional rose and lily of the valley bouquet in petit point, tied with a blue bow.

Petit point chart for a traditional rose bouquet with lily of the valley, tied with a blue bow. This chart can be used for cushions or upholstery for dolls house miniatures, or it will make a traditional petit point brooch design.

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This miniature version of the traditional ribbon tied rose bouquet in needlepoint features two colors of roses and tiny lily of the valley stems. The chart, 33 x 36 stitches, should be worked in tent stitch / continental stitch. I have used a range of peach and deep rose tones for the roses, but these, and any backing color, can easily be adapted to suit your particular color scheme. Each rose is worked with a pale, mid and deep color tone. As shown I have worked the chart with a single strand of embroidery cotton on 42 count silk gauze, which gives me a finished design just over 3/4 inch square.

A printable version of the chart can be obtained by using the Rose Bouquet With Lily of the Valley Chart which is available as an Acrobat Reader (pdf) file.

A similar, slightly larger and more detailed vintage floral bouquet chart without the ribbon tie, can be found on the needlepoint site at about.com.

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