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Bunnies with Forget-Me- Nots Dollhouse Mini Cross Stitch or Needlepoint Chart


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How to Stitch the Miniature Bunnies From the Needlework Chart
The rabbit outlines are stitched before the eye, ear and nose details or the flowers are added.

Using the chart given, start stitching the bunnies at the center of the work, just above the back leg of the brown bunny. You can leave the pink linings of the ears and the nose as well as the eyes until you have finished stitching the bodies.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This is a very easy chart to work for a beginner as there is not much counting. Work the main body of the brown rabbit first, as the center of the fabric is at the back of the rabbit's back leg. Start stitching at the base of the back leg and work up into the rabbits head and ears.

When the brown rabbit is finished, work the white rabbit, and then the flowers and leaves. If you wish, you can add the pink ears and noses, and black eyes, after you have finished stitching the main designs.

The rabbits shown in the sample were worked on 32 thread count olive linen fabric with the DMC threads shown on the chart. The design was worked over a single thread using double strands of embroidery thread to render it as shown in the photo. On this fabric, finer thread would have been a better choice for cross stitch.

You can make this up into a miniature cushion for a dolls house. The bunnies, co-ordinate with the Needlework Lamb and the Piglet with the Butterfly and all three co-ordinate with the Toile Children and Animals Wallpaper in dolls house scale.

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