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Miniature Cross Stitched or Needlepoint Foxgloves From a Chart


This miniature cross stitch or needlepoint project produces a 46 stitch tall by 42 stitch wide pattern featuring foxgloves. To create a dollhouse miniature suitable for framing or a pillow in 1:12 doll's house scale it is suggested that the pattern be worked using single thread embroidery floss over 32 thread count Lugana fabric. This will produce a finished piece approximately 1 1/4 inches square.
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Counted thread chart for working a miniature pattern of cross stitch or petit point foxgloves.Stitching Chart for a Miniature Foxglove DesignMiniature cross stitch of fox glove leaves worked on 32 stitch to the inch Lugana fabric.Begin By Working the Leaves and StemsFoxglove flowers added to the leaf shapes by following the pattern on the chart.Continue to Work the Miniature Cross Stitch, Adding the FlowersMiniature Foxglove cross stitch 42 x 46 stitches on 32 count Lugana fabric.Finished Miniature Foxglove Cross Stitch
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