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Upholster Cushions for Wooden Dolls House Chairs


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List of Materials Needed to Upholster a Wooden Dolls House Chair
Cardboard templates, fabric and a miniature chair frame ready for an upholstery project.

Cardboard templates, thin foam and fabric ready to upholster a dolls house chair frame.

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To Upholster a Miniature Chair You Will Need:

  • Miniature Chair This can be a resin, plastic, metal or wood chair
  • Suitable Upholstery Fabric Upholstery fabric should be lightweight (fine cotton lawn) and have a suitable sized pattern. The fabric used in this set of instructions was printed with an ink jet printer on EQ Cotton Lawn Ink Jet Sheets using the Edwardian Nile Green fabric from the dolls house printables
  • Cardboard Seat and Cushion Templates If you are re-upholstering a piece, you may be able to re use the existing templates for the upholstery. If not, you can see in the next step how to make templates for seat and back cushions.
  • Thin Flexible Foam The foam used here is approximately 1/8 inch thick. You can substitute thin quilt batting, or packing foam sheets (as long as they are flexible with some give).
  • White (pva) Glue
  • A Glue Spreader The flat, school type of plastic spreaders work well to get the fabric shape taut against the template
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Embroidery Thread if desired to finish edges and substitute for upholstery trim.

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