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Make a Dolls House Scale Fitted Miniature Picnic Basket


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Prepare the Lining for the Miniature Picnic Basket
Glue fabric to card to create linings for a miniature dolls house picnic basket.

Glue fabric to card to create linings for a miniature dolls house picnic basket.

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Prepare the lining.

Cut pieces of card the same shape as the top and the bottom of the basket, and the same size as the side of the folded basket edge. Trim these pieces slightly smaller and test fit them to make sure they will fit inside the top and bottom of the basket, and inside the basket side, with a bit of space between the trim and the walls/top/bottom of the basket.

Cut pieces of lining fabric ¼ inch larger on all sides than the pieces of card you have just cut.

Glue the side basket lining card together and test it to make sure it fits into the basket. Adjust it if necessary. When it fits correctly, begin to line it in the center back, folding the lining fabric over the card oblong, and gluing one edge at a time to the back of the card. Fold the final edge over to cover the join at the center back and glue in place. Set aside to dry

To make the plate holders

Cut small pieces of ribbon ½ inch longer than you will need to cross over the plates. Fold a tiny hem on each end, and sew them in place on the lining fabric for the top of the basket.

When you have the ribbons sewn to the lining fabric, (make sure the plates will fit side by side in the space you have allowed), add the elastic. Sew a thin clear elastic thread through the centre of each ribbon section, gathering the ribbon with the elastic as you go. Tie off the elastic securely on the back of the lining fabric.

When the top lining has the ribbons sewn in place and the elastic added, put some glue on the back edges of the piece of card for the top of the basket, and carefully fold the fabric over the edge, centering the fabric on the card, and starting the glue process in all four corners before carefully stretching and gluing the sides. Set aside to dry.

Glue the bottom lining to the card the same way. Set aside to dry.

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