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Print and Make a Record Book for a Dolls' House


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Materials You Need to Make a Dolls House Record Book
Materials to make a dolls house record book to keep track of your miniature collection.

Paper, a binder, a computer printer, and some sheet protectors and printable templates will make a doll house record book to record your miniature collection.

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To assemble a dolls house record book you will need:

  • Computer Printer
  • Paper Binder or Scrapbook that takes 8.5 by 11 inch sheets
  • Clear Sheet Protectors (archivally safe)
  • Clear Photograph Sheets (or mount the photographs on pages in each section)
  • Binder Section Dividers

Introduction to using the Dolls House Record Sheets

The sheets in this section are available as pdf files (Acrobat Reader or similar program required) which can be printed and used to create a reference manual for your dollhouse. The most useful system is based on using archivally safe sheet clear sheet protectors to store the individual sheets. These sheet protectors will also act as pockets to hold receipts, paper/paint and fabric samples until you get them organized, or while you are gathering materials to create a sample board.

Each room in your dollhouse should have its own section in the book with an electrical planning sheet, a sample board, a room layout sheet and a reference sheet.

Keeping track of your collection this way will enable you to hand on information with your collection as well as make it easier to purchase matching items, or have your collection assessed for insurance purposes.

Gift idea: A binder of these sheets, along with storage sheets for photographs of the building and decorating stages of a house, makes a great gift for a friend.

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