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Print and Make a Record Book for a Dolls' House


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Track Your Collection With a Dolls' House Record book
Dollhouse record book open to show pages

A dollhouse record book adds to the provenance of a family heirloom

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If you have a dolls' house, you should have a record book to keep track of the electrical wiring runs, paint finishes, interior room details and what items you have in your collection. An up to date record book will make it easier to keep track of your decorating plans, add in wiring or lighting at a future date, and insure your collection or replace it if disaster strikes.

You can set up a record book in a binder or a scrapbook. Create one section in the book for each room, one section for the exterior, and one section for reference/records/notes/ideas.

Your list of sections might read:

Shepherd Manor

  • General reference (why I chose to do this and how I did it)
  • Exterior details
  • Basement kitchen
  • Basement storage
  • Main floor drawing room
  • Main floor library
  • Upstairs children's bedroom
  • Upstairs bathroom
  • Upstairs master bedroom
  • Attic

Each section should contain:

  • A wiring diagram updated to show current wiring (or a plan for future wiring)
  • Design notes on a sample board for interior finishes, either planned or completed
  • A room design layout, with pieces numbered for reference
  • A collection record of items in each room
  • Photographs of the items in each room, and the rooms as they are completed.

The design notes samples can be taken out of the binder to go with you when you shop. You can either organize a small leaflet book of samples which will come out of the sheet protector for that section and go with you when you shop, or you can take the sheet with you in it's protector.

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