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Make Hands for A Dolls House Doll


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Shape the Thumb on a Miniature Doll's Hand
Shaping the thumb on the hand of a 1:12 scale miniature doll made from polymer clay.

Forming the thumb on a polymer clay hand in 1:12 dolls house scale.

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Draw the Thumb To The Side

Use a rounded toothpick or a paper embossing tool to push down the division line between the first finger and the thumb. Check your own hand to see how the thumb turns away from the hand at a distance one third of the way across the palm, below the fingers.

Shape the Hand Below the Thumb Add a bit of clay to the area below the thumb to widen the hand above the wrist. You should also add a small ball of clay below the base of the thumb on the palm side to create the ball of the thumb on the inner palm.

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