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Sculpt Feet for a Miniature Doll


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Match and Finish Sculpting the Legs for a Miniature Doll or Gaming Figure
A finished set of bare feet for a 1:12 scale doll, sculpted from polymer clay.

A finished set of doll feet on basic legs for a 1:12 scale miniature doll.

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Adjust the Length of the Leg Start by comparing the legs for your figure and adjust the legs to be equal lengths (and the right length for the figure's dress or pants). Place the legs side by side and compare the feet and ankles in a view from above, below and in front and behind the legs. Make sure you can tell the difference between the left and right foot and check that the lines of the toes are similar.

Insert the legs on a wire armature if needed and finish creating the calve shape on the leg. Muscular male legs will have thicker calves, women's legs will curve more, and babies will have slightly bowed legs at the calf.

Create a channel at the top of the leg to hold a wire loop, or insert a wire armature into the leg and glue or bake it in place.

Bake the legs or allow them to air dry, then fill any cracks or holes and bake or air dry them again.

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