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Make a Dolls House Bed From Wooden Stir Sticks


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Make A Scale Model Picket Gate from Wooden Stir Sticks
A gate cross member is glued to seven doll house scale fence pickets made from wooden stir sticks.

Glue a cross member to a dolls house scale gate made from coffee stir sticks.

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To make a basic picket gate, decide how wide you want your gate to be, and how many pickets you will need. This gate was built 2 1/4 inches wide to make a junior dolls house bed in 1:12 scale. The number of pickets will depend on the size of your stir sticks, which vary widely.

Cut the number of pickets you need to make the correct width of gate, plus two double ended pickets to use for the cross members of the gate. Measure for the cross members by measuring on one arm of an x across your gate and making two double ended picket pieces which measures this length.

Lay the pickets out in the pattern of your choice, then mark the cutting line for the base of the gate. This gate was built to fit at a height of 3/4 inch from the ground, inside three foot high posts. To make a bed, one gate section was designed with an arched top and the footboard was designed with a reverse arch. A pill bottle lid the width of the gate was laid out on top of the pickets to position the pickets to form the arch shape. Then the ends of the pickets were marked to length and cut.

Finish your pickets with the paint or finish of your choice and set them aside to dry. If you wish to weather the pickets, sand the paint when dry to distress the finish.

When the paint is dry, lay out your pickets in the pattern for your gate, and glue the first cross member in place, clamping it to the gate pieces. Allow the cross member glue to dry.

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