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Make a Basic Champagne Cage Chair


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Finish the Miniature Champagne Cage Chair
Completed miniature patio chair  made from a single champagne cage.

With the back support wires twisted onto the back legs, the basic champagne cage chair only needs to have the wires trimmed in order to complete it.

Photo copyright 2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

To finish the miniature chair, cut any extra wire at the base of the champagne cage legs and file the cut edges of the wire and the ends of the twisted wire at the back, so that the wire does not catch on clothing or skin.

Squeeze the legs slightly onto the metal seat cap to keep the seat cap in place. (or solder it to the supporting leg wires). You can add a cork seat cushion or back, or set wires in the back of the chair to fill it in (a heart shape of wire works well). Set up your chairs in your cafe, or patio, or label the chair with the event and date it came from to add to your collection!

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