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Materials Needed to Make a Basic Miniature Chair From a Champagne Cage
Basic beer or champagne wire cages ready to be turned into miniature chairs.

A single champagne wire cage or a similar beer cage is the basis for a miniature patio style wire chair.

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To Make a Basic Miniature Patio Chair from a Champagne or Beer Cage You will Need:

  • A wire champagne or beer cage This basic chair uses a single cage, chairs for the Design Within Reach Competition may use two cages, two corks, and two foil/lead covers to make a chair.
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers To bend the wire back into shape and to wrap the wire around the back legs.
  • Metal file to file off and smooth any rough wire ends when the chair is finished.
  • Soldering Iron, Flux and Solder This basic chair doesn't require soldering, but if you plan a more involved back, want a chair with even sized legs, or need a sturdier chair, you may prefer to solder the wire back to the metal cap on the chair, and to solder the cap to the wire base.

To begin making your basic chair cut the wire which attached the cage to the bottle neck, in the center of the straight wire section and pull it carefully out from between the main cage wires, leaving a stool as shown in the photo above. If you prefer not to have twisted wire at the top of your chair back, cut the wire on one side of the twist instead of in the center of the straight wire section.

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