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Review of Miniaturas Magazine from Spain

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Front cover of the Spanish dolls house magazine, Miniaturas Construccion & Coleccionismo

This cover photo of Miniaturas Magazine from Spain shows the high standards the magazine uses for its photographs and layout.

Photo Courtesy Miniaturas copyright 2008

The Bottom Line

Miniaturas is a beautifully produced magazine in Spanish with high quality printables on gloss cover paper and a wide range of well illustrated projects. The projects range from modern to european styles, but still fit the interest range of all miniaturists. The magazine has feature articles on artisans from North America as well as Europe and the photography is stunning in its detail. If you are looking for miniature projects with a high quality finish and a unique European flair, this may be the magazine for you.


  • Large scale format magazine on very high quality paper.
  • Exceptional photos and layouts.
  • Lots of easy to follow projects, even if you don't speak or read Spanish.
  • High quality printables on heavy paper included in most issues
  • Most editions feature a four page centerfold on a featured house.


  • Entirely in Spanish, although projects are easy for non speakers to follow.
  • Priced in Euros, may be expensive depending on the current exchange rate


  • Exceptionally well produced magazine
  • Wide range of easy to follow projects many with a European flair
  • Full sized centerfolds of a featured collection plus high quality printables in most editions.

Guide Review - Review of Miniaturas Magazine from Spain

This magazine is the National Geographic equivalent of Dollhouse magazines. The photography and layout are simply stunning. Projects are wide ranging, clearly detailed and easy to follow, even if you don't understand Spanish.

Each edition features needlework, doll costume, printable and furniture projects along with information on artisans, collections and shows. A center fold layout features a house collection in a scale large enough to see detail clearly. You really have a sense you are looking at an entire house, not just the highlights featured in many magazines.

Printables are of an exceptionally high quality, themed to fit with projects in the magazine. Needlework and clothing patterns also reflect this high standard. A recent example is a knitting pattern for a black and white houndstooth check material, showing how to make it up into a Chanel knitted suit jacket and skirt, with a matching hat, bag and parasol.

Subscription Information: The magazine is produced monthly. Annual subscriptions of 12 issues are 94 Euros in Europe, 109 Euros (approximately $160) in North America with individual back issues available for 6.00 Euros each issue in Europe and 9.00 Euros(approximately $13.50 U.S.per issue) mailed to North America. Email subscription requesests to miniat@arrakis.es The staff are fluent in English. Or send a fax to (34) 913209251 .

En Español Miniaturas es una revista bien realizada en español con detalles recortables de alta calidad en papel brillo de portadas y una amplia gama de proyectos bien ilustrados. Los proyectos abarcan temas de estilo moderno y europeos, que complacen el interés de todo miniaturista. La revista tiene artículos de artesanos de Norte América y de Europa y destaca su detallada fotografía. Si lo que busca son proyectos en miniatura con acabados de alta calidad y un único aire europeo, esta será su revista.

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