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Teresa Layman Miniature Knotted Rug Kits

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English Cottage Miniature Rug

English Cottage Rug from Teresa Layman

Lesley Shepherd

The Bottom Line


Theresa Layman Designs create carefully shaded miniature knotwork masterpieces useful as 1:12 scale rugs for dollhouses or as a framed collectible piece. The projects use two simple knots, the Colonial knot and the French knot, formed on fine #10 needles, to create a finished piece with the look and feel of an authentic hand hooked rug in miniature.

The rugs are beautifully designed, richly colored, and remarkably authentic and true to scale when finished. (designed for 1:12 scale). The technique is well worth learning if you wish to produce your own designs or need a series of rugs for your miniature collection.


  • Easy to learn technique
  • Wonderful depth of colour and great designs
  • Small enough to take with you easily


  • Need a lot of colours for each kit (although small amounts of thread)
  • Careful work needed to make sure you don't obliterate detail as you progress
  • Fun to do, every house will need more than one!


  • These kits of miniature reproductions of traditional hooked rugs are an excellent introduction to miniature needlework.
  • The kits are compact and the technique, once learned, is very straight forward. The finished product will amaze your friends.
  • Clear instructions for both knots are given with photographs on the Teresa Layman website. A instructional dvd is available
  • Kits are available through needlework shops and online.
  • The company are also branching out into miniature needlework and cross stitch kits with the same attention to color/detail.

Guide Review - Teresa Layman Miniature Rug Kits

In 2003 Theresa Layman took a Rik Pierce Hobbit House class at the Philidelphia Miniaturia show. Her hobbit house needed a rug, and needle work being one of her skills, she created one. That miniature hooked rug has grown into a miniature needlework business.

You can view Pippin Lodge the Hobbit house that started it all on her website. The lodge will be part of the new Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection when it opens at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Centre, Marysville Kentucky in 2007.

The rug designs are a mix of contemporary, whimsical, and traditional in a number of shapes. Although the technique is very easy to learn and suitable for beginning embroiderers, the number of knots needed is quite high. A finished rug has approximately 1100 knots per inch when worked in a single strand Colonial knot and approximately 2000 knots per square inch when worked in a single strand French knot. Teresa translates this to 2-6 hours per square inch of stitching time. (The English Cottage rug shown in the photo above is 3 ½ by 2 ¼ inches, which is a minimum of 15 hours of work.)

The technique is simple. You fill in an outline, similar to a miniature coloring book illustration, with a fill of tiny knots. Precise color instructions are given for each outlined area. There is nothing to count, and no chart to worry about.

Kits come with:

  • Two #10 needles
  • A pre printed rug cloth printed on high quality muslin
  • Stitch diagrams
  • Instructions
  • A color key.


You will need to supply:

  • Embroidery floss - (the English cottage takes 38 colours of DMC floss). Only small amounts of floss are needed, but beginning needleworkers may wish to check out a friends collection of floss before undertaking to purchase 38 color skeins for a 3 by 2 inch project.
  • One 5 or 6 inch embroidery hoop
  • Small scissors
  • a set of magnifying eyewear for those with older eyes


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