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Review of Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine

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The Bottom Line

Dolls House and Miniature Scene is a well rounded UK monthly magazine which specializes in a wide range of projects, from ambitious buildings in 1:12 and 1:24 scale, to detailed woodwork, knitting, sewing and needlework. Most of the projects use materials readily available in any area of the world. There is some collectible coverage, but the majority of the magazine is dedicated to high quality projects and coverage of artisans.


  • Good well rounded coverage of shows, artisans and projects
  • Lots of well designed, linked or themed projects
  • Wide range of project types, from woodworking to fine needlework


  • Sometimes difficult to find on newstands in North America
  • Mostly focussed on Victorian and Georgian design periods


  • Larger format monthly magazine with great range of detailed projects.
  • Good background articles on artisans, displays and shows.
  • Regular kit and book reviews.
  • Wide ranging coverage featuring Europe, Australia and North America as well as the UK.

Guide Review - Review of Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine

Dolls House and Miniature Scene is a well established UK monthly magazine which covers major shows, new books, products and artisans from around the world as well as everyday collectors. There is good coverage of shows, and some club updates. The sister publication, Miniature Projects, is no longer in production, but the projects sections of each monthly edition of the main magazine make up for the lack of the special projects magazines.

DHMS is known for its projects. There are up to twelve good quality projects per issue, many of them parts of a series for creating entire furniture settings or buildings in 1:12 or 1:24 scale. Projects cover a wide range in each issue, including building projects, decoration, furniture building, doll dress making, needlework and printable projects, mainly in 12 scale but also including 1:24 scale. The magazine often includes a 16 page special interest supplement featuring projects with a particular theme.

The magazine's layout is well organized, and there is an increasing use of clear illustrative photography, with lots of accompanying photographs on each page of the standard European magazine 8 x 11.5 inch format. The magazine is usually 70 - 90 pages in length with advertising mostly confined to the covers and last few pages.

The useful magazine website provides the contents for new, back and future issues of the magazine. Subscriptions are ₤37.50 in the UK, ₤55 ~$110 US in the rest of the world. Some North American newstands carry the magazine at roughly $10.00 per issue. Back issues can be ordered singly from the magazine's website at a cost of ₤3.75 per issue.

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
DHMS Bad Book-Keeping, Member dayledawes

I had a subscription to this magazine years ago, and enjoyed its ""British"" point of view. Brits DO do dollhouses differently than Yanks do. I let the subscription lapse because somehow the magazine could never seem to keep track of just when my subscription began and ended, and I was forever dealing with that. Now members of my on-line group seem to be having the same problem -- one woman renewed her subscription via Amazon and is now getting 2 magazines every month. DHMS cannot seem to figure out that she wants 1 mag a month THIS year and 1 mag a month NEXT year -- and their only ""solution"" has been to ""give"" the subscriber 5 ""additional"" issues of the magazine. Having been through this myself, I can understand the frustration of my on-line friend, and would urge DHMS folks to listen up and hear what their subscribers are SAYING. This is really too bad, as this is a fun and interesting miniatures magazine, but who wants to be dealing with subscription issues all year?

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