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Daisy House Doll House Miniature Furniture Kits in 1:12 and 1:24 scale

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Daisy House Doll House Miniature Furniture Kits in 1:12 and 1:24 scale

Daisy House Kit and Finished Sideboard

Lesley Shepherd

The Bottom Line

Daisy House kits are high quality, easy to assemble basswood furniture kits in 1:12 and 1:24 scale. Their kits are widely available from miniature shops and online. The attention to detail and clear instructions makes these wooden kits a good introduction for beginners who want to try building with wood, but don’t want to gather all the different types of stock and cut out every piece themselves. These kits fit in a wide range of scenes, are easily modified, and are sturdy enough to be used as dollhouse play furniture for children.


  • Precut quality basswood parts
  • Good instructions make these easy to build in a short period
  • Useful range of furniture suits all decorating styles


  • Require patience while glue dries!
  • Great basic range makes you want more and more!


  • Good way to have a first experience with building your own dollhouse furniture from wood.
  • Smaller kits are great projects for interested children, and can be easily adapted to fit in small scenes for presents.
  • Reasonable cost of the kits makes them good projects for clubs. It is always interesting to see the variations clubs produce.

Guide Review - Daisy House Doll House Miniature Furniture Kits in 1:12 and 1:24 scale

Daisy House miniature furniture kits come with at clear and very well illustrated instructions. Every package includes two grades of sandpaper, toothpicks and cotton buds.

These kits are produced so that they can be successfully built in an evening or weekend (they have a special range of kits which are easily built as a one evening project). Their design lends them to modification and allows them to fit into a wide range of dollhouse/garden railway scenes and periods. Scale detail is excellent and the wood used is a high quality basswood with all pieces pre-cut to size. A detailed illustrated parts list makes it easy to determine which piece you need for each step. The kits include a one page list of helpful hints and tips for building better kits. The clear instructions ensure even a complete beginner will have a successful building experience.

Evening Build Kit Range includes: floor shelf/cupboard, plant stand, display shelf, coat rack, sofa table, magazine rack, window box and plants, ceramic tiled tray.

Regular Kit Range includes: blanket box, harvest table, country benches, wall hutch, lily pond, washstand, sewing basket, single bed, occasional table, vegetable bins, sideboard, preserve cupboard, writing desk, bookcase with drawers, tea trolley, upholstered bench, hall table with mirror.

To finish these kits you will need:

  • A general purpose wood or pva glue. - Daisy House suggest Weldbond, or House of Miniatures tinted glue.
  • Tack cloth or damp cloth - to remove sanding residue.
  • Pencil and a ruler - to make marks before gluing.
  • Paint brushes - for staining or finishing.
  • Paints or wood finish – Daisy House kits include the finish directions (complete with paint colors) for the photographs shown on their package. They also have suggestions for aging the finish.

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