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Jean Day's Vintage Miniature Kits

Highly Detailed Paper Miniature Kits

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Jean Day's Miniature Vintage Sewing Kit

Jean Day's Miniature Vintage Sewing Kit

Lesley Shepherd

Jean Day is famous for miniature dollhouse books and sewing panels, but she also creates highly detailed kits in 1:12 and 1:48 scale. Her vintage miniatures are based on items in her extensive historical collection. These are accurate reproductions of vintage objects with appropriate historical colors. Although created with simple techniques and paper printables, the items add a highly detailed vintage accessory to 1:12 scale scenes and dollhouses.

Cost: Variable (in the $20 and up range) but considering the wide range of materials assembled for you they are worth the price.

Time to build: 1 - 2 hrs.

Unique Features of Jean Day Miniature Kits

The Vintage Sewing Kit reviewed is based on actual sewing accessories in Jean’s collection.

Kit Contents - The kit includes scale copies of vintage packaging for pins, needles, buttons, bachelor buttons, snaps, trims and wools. There are generous amounts of trim and an interesting collection of vintage Swarovski rhinestones. The use of tiny rhinestones as buttons and buckles on vintage cards adds an eye catching flair to the kit contents. They show up well in a 1:12 scale setting. As well as rhinestones, the kit includes two colors of fabric coordinated to the printed box, and four colors of thread to use as crewel wool hanks and carded trims. The selection of materials is finished off with the box design, matching card to mount the design on, and a piece of fine wire to make needles.

Clear instructions are included, along with a photo of the finished items

Assembly: You will need glue, scissors, a craft knife, cutting matt, ruler and a toothpick.

Assembly instructions are straightforward. The decorative box parts are glued to a matching card stock and left to dry. The crystals and beads are glued to appropriate backings and the tiny boxes and needle packets are assembled following standard construction techniques for paper miniatures.

Details: - The two colors of fabric included allow the kit to adapt to fit into any decor scheme. All kit pieces are stand alone miniatures and can be used inside or outside of the sewing box. The box lid is designed to close, which means the kit can be displayed open, with contents, or closed, with contents used elsewhere in a domestic scene.

Ease of Kit Construction

Contents of Miniature Vintage Sewing Kit

Contents of Jean Day's Miniature Sewing Kit

Lesley Shepherd

The kit goes together easily in an hour or so. As with all paper miniatures make sure you have good light, a clean, flat surface to work on, a brayer (or other smooth rolling surface) to smooth out any wrinkles and sharp scissors and blades.

  • The tiny parts mean this is a kit you want to assemble in a controlled setting, on a tray or at least away from anyone who breathes heavily!.
  • Use strong glue (tacky glue or something similar) to hold the crystals to the paper cards. The backing shape of some crystals/rhinestones means they have a close resemblance to buttons, but tend to fall off the cards without a good base of strong glue.
  • It is easier to glue the rhinestones and beads in place and allow them to dry before cutting out the paper cards they were glued to. Gluing the rhinestones to the larger paper first makes them much easier to handle.
  • A pin is very useful for applying tiny dabs of glue to the snap cards to position the black beads used for snaps.

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