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Dollhouse Miniatures - All About Collecting and Making Items for Any Scale

Dollhouse miniatures for all scales and skills. Free dollhouse printables, instructions for furniture, miniature food, dolls, lighting, and complete dollhouse and roombox plans.
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Dolls House Miniature Scales - Common Scales for Dollhouses
Dolls House Miniatures are available in a range of standardized scales, which vary in popularity and differ in the type and amounts of accessories and types of details. While some are popular for collectors of artisan miniatures, others are more useful for children's play, or families who share a range of hobbies.

Easy Miniature Projects in 1:48 Scale
This list contains projects built in 1:48 or "Quarter Scale" as well as links to quarter scale specialist suppliers. The projects are easy for beginners to make as a means of exploring whether quarter scale is a comfortable scale to work in.

Plan A Dolls' House Collection for Maximum Effect
Use these tips to create the best display from your collection of dollhouse miniatures. Learn ways to house and improve your collection

Starting a Collection of Dolls House Miniatures
How to decide where to start a collection of dollhouse miniatures. Ways to think about what you will need to add as your collection grows.

List of Miniature Food Projects for Dolls house and Scale Miniature Scenes
This list of tutorials for making dollhouse miniature food and play scale foods or re-ment scale foods for play scale dolls houses covers everything from main courses to desserts and snacks. Not all the projects are made with polymer clay. Some use air dry clay, florist's foam or other materials. The tutorials are all clearly explained with...

Make Miniature Dolls and Figures
Miniature figures can be made in several scales using basic sculpting techniques. If you want a new character for a dolls house or a war game, the techniques are the same.

Build Room Boxes For Doll House and Model Displays - Small Focussed Displays...
Room boxes are small boxes designed to hold a single room scale display for miniatures and models. A roombox can be built in any scale, and they are often used to house a display until a larger collection is completed. If roomboxes are designed to standard dimensions, they can be fitted into cases called 'baby houses' which resemble a full size...

Dolls House Lighting Projects
Working lights, flickering fires and lamps for a dolls house are not a difficult thing to make. Beads and other found objects make great lamp bases, and you can easily buy pre wired bulbs on cords from a dollhouse supplier.

Make Dollhouse or Model Scale Furniture
Make dollhouse, fairy or scale model furniture with free plans using simple hand tools and craft wood, twigs or cardboard. These well illustrated instruction include everything from simple shelves, to armoires, fireplaces, beds, tables, chairs and cupboards.

Miniature Needlework Charts for Cross Stitch or Needlepoint
Counted thread charts for miniature needlepoint and cross stitch designs.

Printables For Dollhouse Scenes
Make easy printable miniatures from this comprehensive list of free printables in several dollhouse scales. The projects range from boxes for mini shops and bakeries, to aprons, tablecloths, books and miniature buildings.

Glues for Miniatures and Models - What to Use and When
List explaining which types of glues can be used with which dollhouse materials.

Make Scale Miniature Plants for Bouquets, Gardens and Terrains
List of miniature plants and trees you can make for scale arrangements, dolls house gardens, model railways and gaming terrains.

Miniature Animals for Dollhouse, Railway or Model Scenes
Make these miniature and scale model animals using a variety of technqiues, from needlefelt to modelling or sewing. Pick a method and an animal and start your own collection!

Make Junk Food For the Dollhouse
Instructions for making common junk or snack foods in dolls house scale.

Use Files to Make Dolls House Fence Pickets From Stir Sticks
Make sets of miniature fence pickets from wooden stir sticks as the basis for a dolls house fence or shabby chic miniature furniture

Book Review - The Queen's Dolls' House by Lucinda Lambton
Book Review - The Queen's Dolls' House by Lucinda Lambton

Playmobil Micro Play Sets
Playmobil Micro Sets are sized to be toys for playmobil children figures, but are also wonderful toy sets for 1:12 dollhouse scale scenes.

Christmas Decorations to Make for Dollhouse and Miniature Scenes
Make a wide range of Christmas miniatures for a dollhouse or miniature display. The list includes children's toys, realistic miniature Chrismas trees, wreaths, poinsettias, Christmas cacti, bows for tiny gifts, Christmas crackers and printable dollhouse dinnerware.

Miniatures For Scale Tea, Coffee and Pastry Shops and Settings
Make a range of projects including dishes, furniture and food for miniature scenes featuring tea and coffee.

Miniatures For a Baby Nursery
Make these items for a baby nursery, including a range of miniature furniture, clothing and accessories you can make in several scales.

Clothespin Dolls To Make
Make and dress a range of clothespin dolls in formal and informal costumes from many lands. These instructions include male and female dolls and babies.

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