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The viewer has a wide range of places to look within this tiny space. Every space is full of elegant miniatures.
Angled interior photo of Janey Elliot's 1:12 scale

An angled interior photo of Janey Elliot's 1:12 scale "Ode To Susan Harmon" roombox built in a set of books.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This little shop has one door and one window, so viewing opportunities are limited. I've set up this photo so you can see how effectively Janey has used the small amount of wall space in this elegant shop. The richly patterned wall paper might be considered overpowering, if it weren't for the careful use of color on the furnishings, which picks out the wallpaper colors and lightens them to draw your eye towards the many treasures.

Textures, glittering reflections, and the soft glow from patinated metal help your eye to focus on the many treasures showcased here.

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