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Defining With Outlines


This is a wonderful use of books to create a store like shape for a miniature display. You know from the layout that this is a shop.

"Ladies Shoppe" 1:12 scale roombox shop built by Kristine Hill inside old books.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Most of us would assume that to make these 'book shops' you need a set of similar sized books. Kristine shows us with this shop just how effectively a combination of books works as an outline to help to define the purpose of the display. Notice how carefully finished the woodwork for the windows and doors is to help it meld into the books. The windows and doors have been lined up with the gilded markings on the book spines, to help keep everything in balance.

When you have a strong exterior like this one, the interior backdrop needs to be in keeping with the initial visual. The plaid wallpaper backdrop doesn't read like a period book endpaper, but the colors and pattern scale seem appropriate to be seen on the interior of a set of books, helping to keep the shop effect balanced.


I believe the book shop is one of several made by Artisan Shannon Moore

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