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Make a Dolls House Scale Garden Fork
Dollhouse scale garden digging fork made from a piece of a recycled food tin and a bamboo skewer.

Dolls house scale garden digging fork made from a piece of a recycled food tin and a bamboo skewer.

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To make the dolls house scale garden fork or digging fork, use scissors or tin /metal snips and the printable paper pattern to cut out a suitable piece of cardstock or lightweight metal. Use a file to smooth the edges if you cut your fork from metal, using a round needle file to round the top of the space between the tines. Remove any coating from the metal with sandpaper and make sure the tines of your fork are flat and not curved.

  • Place a suitable length of skewer, dowel or rounded toothpick (for smaller scales) behind the handle section of your card or metal fork, use tweezers or round nose pliers to bend the handle section so that it will form a tight socket around your wooden handle, trimming it if necessary. You may need to make a slight cut in towards the center of the handle on either side across the top shoulders of the fork, depending on how thick your handle is.
  • Trim your skewer to the correct length for your scale (roughly 3 inches for 1:12 scale) and use a rounded needle file or roll of sandpaper to create a concave hollow across the top of your handle, lined up with the blade of your spade. Cut a short length of dowel or skewer and glue it into this hollow to form the "T" of the fork handle. You can also cut a metal socket for the short skewer to form a "D" handle for your fork if you prefer. Set the handle aside to dry.
  • Apply glue to the end of the handle and fit it into the socket you shaped at the top of your fork. Set aside to dry.
  • When your blade is securely attached to your handle, paint the top edges of your fork and the socket on the handle if you wish. Paint the fork silver if you have made the fork from card.

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