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Make Working Dollhouse or Miniature Scale Pencils From Everyday Materials


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Make Working Dollhouse or Miniature Scale Pencils and Colored Pencils.
The hand of a dollhouse scale doll shown with 1:24 scale pencils for scale.

Dollhouse scale colored pencils in 1:24 scale shown with the hand of a 1:12 scale doll for scale.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Make tiny working dollhouse and miniature pencils and colored pencils in several styles and colors These are much more realistic than the simplified versions made from painted toothpicks. There is no carving involved, and you can make them in colors as well as regular graphite black. These are a good project for a club. If you don't have the necessary materials, the pencils can be made in a non functioning format by using painted wire as the base for the pencil shape. The working pencils are delicate, but easy to sharpen, so have some fun and amaze your friends.

To Make Dollhouse Scale Working Miniature Pencils You Will Need :

  • Thin Liquid /Fluid Acrylic Paint - in a basic light brown for the pencil wood, and your choice of colors for the pencil sides. If you follow my regular advice and have tube acrylics and watercolors to tint them with, you can use the painting guide's instructions for How to Make Your Own Fluid Acrylic Paints
  • Fine Detail Brush for paint.
  • Fine Sandpaper - I use 240 grit or finer.
  • Fine, Bent Nose Tweezers To hold your tiny pencils while you complete them.
  • Dry Florist's Foam or styrofoam - to support the tiny pencils while the paint coating dries.
  • Mechanical Pencil Graphite Leads or Colored Lead - You can buy colored leads for mechanical drawing pencils in many art stores in the drafting department. Choose a lead size that suits the scale of pencil you want to make. The ones in these instructions were standard fine writing size of .5mm. You can also find .3, .7, .9 and up usually from art stores which sell drafting supplies.
  • Wire - If you want hardier, non writing pencils for displays, you can use the same technique on wire, I used 26 guage painted wire using a metal file instead of sandpaper to create the pencil point effect.
  • Craft Knife or Scalpel Some of you may find it easier to sharpen your miniature pencils with a sharp scalpel or craft knife,or a carving knife.
  • Pin Vise or Mini Drill - if you don't have a mechanical pencil you can use a pin vise or mini drill to hold the wire or pencil lead while you work.

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