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Make a Miniature Tool Carrier / Housemaids Box / Horse Grooming Box


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Print Out the Pattern and Cut the Pieces
Rough cut pieces of a dolls house scale tool carrier with the craft knife and ruler which cut them.

Rough cut pieces of a dolls house scale tool carrier with the craft knife, ruler and pattern pieces used to cut them.

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To Make the Dolls House Scale Grooming Box / Housemaid's Box / Tool Carrier you will need:

  • Wood or Illustration Board - I used 1/8 inch thick basswood. You only need a strip as wide as the bottom section in the scale you choose. You can also use bookboard or illustration board (mount card) to make this miniature, although it will not be quite as sturdy
  • Pattern for Pieces The pattern for all three scales is available as a pdf (acrobat reader) file. Print one in full scale. If you wish you can print two to use to cover both sides of a box made from illustration board.
  • Sanding Blocks You can use a small piece of wood and a piece of wooden dowel for sanding blocks, or use a short section of a round pencil instead of the dowel, the barrel of a pen will work as well.
  • Medium and Fine Grit Sandpaper To sand pieces to fit (both illustration board and wood)
  • Files A round, half round and pillar (flat) needle file are useful for this project. If you don't have files you can substitute medium sandpaper glued to curved and straight shapes.
  • Scissors to cut out the pattern pieces
  • Fine Pointed Pencil to mark the outlines of the patterns on the wood or illustration board.
  • Sturdy Craft Knife To cut out the pieces from wood or illustration board
  • Cutting Mat
  • Metal ruler to use as a straight edge when cutting out the wood or illustration board pieces.
  • PVA (White) Glue
  • Finish of Your Choice

Cutting Out the Pieces

  • Print off the set of pattern pieces and cut out the base, sides, ends, central divider and two divider sections from the pattern. The small ovals are for adding a name to the grooming box version if you wish.
  • Lay the pattern pieces out on your wood or illustration board and carefully mark around the patterns with a sharp pencil, be as accurate with your outlines as possible. For the curves of the section dividers and the central dividers, you will cut out the pieces with a straight line across the top of the curve, do not try to cut out the curve in your wood. If you are using illustration board, you can mark and cut out the curves.
  • Lay out the base with the wood grain going from front to back if possible, and lay out the sides and ends with the grain running lengthwise, so that it will run across the face of the edges of the toolbox.
  • Use your craft knife and a metal ruler to cut out the pieces of wood or illustration board, cutting on the pencil marks. Keep your knife straight up and down along the edge of the ruler, to keep the edges of the cut square to the face of the pieces. Cut with firm strokes right across the wood or card to establish a cutting line, then run your blade across one or two more times to complete the cut.

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