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Traditional Storage in Miniature, The Common Wooden Crate


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Materials Needed to Make Scale Wooden Crates and Boxes
Craft or coffee stir sticks are sanded on edge, then glued together to make wider scale lumber

Wood for simple scale projects can be made from craft or coffee stir sticks glued together.

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To Make Scale Miniature Fruit Crates and Storage Boxes You Will Need:

  • Scale Lumber or Craft Sticks I used 1/8 by 1 inch scale stripwood with an obvious grain for my simple large box, and some craft sticks / stir sticks for the lower flat box.
  • PVA (white) glue
  • Fine Toothed Saw
  • Sharp Craft Knife
  • Ruler
  • Clamps or rubber bands
  • Hard pencil (2H) to make imitation nail heads and mark cutting lines.
  • Sandpaper and Flat Sanding Block

Note - if you do not have appropriate sizes of scale lumber, you can easily sand the edges of craft or stir sticks and glue and clamp them together, edge to edge, to give you wider pieces of lumber. Many original crates were made from thinner boards in this way. Craft sticks work well for this purpose as you don't need very long strips to make your boxes.

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