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Cut and Apply The Bristles to The Scale Broom or Brush
Bristle clusters are glued into the wooden top of a dolls house miniature stable or yard broom.

Clusters of bristles cut from an inexpensive paint brush are glued into holes in the top of a dolls house miniature stable or garage broom.

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There are several ways you can cut and apply the bristles to your miniature broom or brush. First you need to trim the soft tips off the brush you will be using to supply your bristles. You want the top of your brush to be stiff and even. Now use a pin to place a drop of glue in one or two holes along a line with the front edge of your brush or broom.

To create groups of bristles for the broom or brush you can

  • Cut and Apply the Bristles in groups - Hold a section of trimmed bristles tightly with your tweezers and use your scissors to trim them to roughly 1/2 inch (1cm) in length, then transfer the small tuft of 8 to ten bristle hairs to the glue filled hole on your brush / broom top.
  • Cut a large group of bristles to the same length and pick up small groups of them, pressing them down on a table to set them all to the same length at the bottom end, then insert them into the glue filled hole.
  • Cut a large group of bristles to the same length by cutting across your brush, trimming a group of 1/2 inch (1 cm) bristles free. Use your tweezers to pick up one or two bristles at a time and insert them into the holes on the base of your brush, adding extra glue if necessary to later sections of bristles as you fill in each hole before moving on to the next.

The method that works for you will depend to some extent on the type of inexpensive paint brush you are using for a bristle supply, and the type of tweezers you are using. If your brush has a wide range of bristle thicknesses, you may be better off choosing one or two bristles at a time to insert into a hole so that you can keep your brush fairly even. Stiff bristles are easier to insert than soft ones.

Set each bristle group using your tweezers to create neat clumps as shown, before you move on to the next hole.

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