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Ornate bottles, flasks and flagons made from beads for dolls house displays


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How to Assemble Ornate Bottles and Flasks From Beads
Bead combinations used to make unusual flasks and flagons for a dolls house alchemist's shop.

Combinations of glass and metal beads used to make a variety of interesting bottles for a dolls house scale alchemist's shop.

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The photo above shows the beads used to assemble various flagons shown in the photograph on page one of this tutorial. These flagons were made by topping glass or metal beads with metal connectors, or smaller sized round beads in a similar color range. Some metal connection beads can be used in different directions for different effects. The metal bead shown with the small cube with stars, can be used with the trumpet shaped opening facing up, and left as is, or have the opening filled with a round bead that matches the main container bead.

The calla lily glass bead can be fitted with a leaf shaped bead stopper above a small metallic disk spacer, or it can be simply topped with a round bead.

The metal celtic bead was made into a dolls house scale flask, by fitting two plain disk spacer beads onto a dolls house nail or brad, to aid in holding the beads aligned. The entire stopper assembly was then pushed into a bit of modelling clay inserted into the hole of the rectangular metal bead and glued in place. The modelling clay in the main bead hole helps to keep the nail and smaller beads aligned on the top surface of the larger bead while the glue dries when you are assembling necks made from multiple beads.

Check various combinations before you decide on a particular finished effect. You can layer small beads on a jewellery headpin (usually used for earrings) or a flat topped dressmakers pin, and then insert them into the main bead to see whether your chosen neck or stopper combination works effectively with the shape of your particular beads. Necks of bottles can be built up using progressively smaller metal disks to form the shoulder of the bottle, or you can find a bead with a diameter that fits the 'shoulder' of your bead to make a convincing bottle neck from a single bead.

You can view the finished bottles here on the first page of these instructions.

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