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Make These Miniature Wooden Skis and Poles in Several Scales


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Finished Miniature Ski With Bindings
Miniature ski with 'bear trap' bindings

A miniature ski assembled from a stir stick with 'bear trap' bindings.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

In the photo on this page you can see a finished miniature ski designed to fit the foot of the poseable miniature mouse. The kraft paper straps and metal bindings are fairly sturdy and will allow you to insert your figure's foot for scenes, or you can pose the skis on their own. For larger figures (playscale) you can use tiny strips of velcro to hold the toe straps and binding straps to the foot of the figure.

If you wish you can finish the miniature poles by drilling a small hole with a mini drill and putting a loop of embroidery thread through for pole straps.<

When the skis are finished you can stain them with a clear varnish, either deep brown or clear. They can also be painted with acrylic paints. Make sure you don't get the bent tips too wet with liquid acrylic paint or the curve of your skis may collapse.

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