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Make These Miniature Wooden Skis and Poles in Several Scales


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Make Miniature Skis From Simple Household Materials
Miniature mouse tests out a set of skis made from recycled wood and paper.

A poseable miniature felt mouse tests a set of skis made from recycled stir sticks and paper

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This set of old fashioned wooden skis is easy to make for a miniature scene or decoration. The skis are based on solid wood skis with basic bear trap bindings of straps. Simple cross country skis can be fashioned from the same materials with minor modifications.

To size a set of skis for a particular miniature figure, remember that skis of this period were sized to the length of the curled fingers of the owners arm held straight above the head. You can make these skis in a range of scales. As shown here with the poseable miniature mouse the skis are in 1:24 scale, made from wooden coffee stir sticks or craft wood strips. For larger scale skis, adjust the length and width of the wood strips.

The instructions are also available for the winter tree made from paper doilies.

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