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Make a Paint Brush for a Dollhouse Artist


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Make Miniature Artist's Paint Brushes in Dollhouse Scales
Two dollhouse artist paint brushes in 1:12 scale.

Two paint brushes in scale for a dolls' house artist.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These miniature artists paint brushes can be made in a range of shapes and scales, to suit several scenes. They don't require much in the way of materials. I used human hair for the bristles, a toothpick or a scrap of wire for the handle, and scraps from an aluminum pie plate for the metal ferrule. For tools I used an embossing tool, a paint brush, and a pair of bent nose tweezers as well as scissors and wire cutters. You can use any type of fine hair or fiber for the bristles, Mohair and other furs and animal hair will make fine brushes you can shape. I chose to use human hair to show you how easily you can make realistic tiny brushes. You will also need some acrylic paint to color the handle of your paint brushes.

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