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Make a Miniature Toy Sailboat for a Dollhouse


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Carve a Miniature Toy Sailboat From Craft Wood Scraps
Toy sailboat in dollhouse scale carved from scrap craft wood

Miniature toy sailboat carved from a scrap of craft wood.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This miniature toy sailboat for a dollhouse is carved or filed and sanded from a scrap of leftover craft wood. The sailboat can be made in many designs with many sail patterns once you learn how to carve or shape the simple hull. The design can be modified to make sailboats in smaller scales, and can be modified to make small boats for bottles. If you will be using the sailboat in a bottle, or won't need to see the keel for any reason, you can shape your boat hull with a simple flat bottom the boat can sit on. The keeled sailboat will need to be 'stored' in a rack if you want to put it in a dollhouse toyshop window, or use it as a display in a dollhouse child's room.

This makes a good first carving project if you work in at least the scale shown here (1:12 dollhouse scale). Another simple carving project is the Carved Rope Molding which can be carved on a round toothpick.

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