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Make a Dollhouse Writing Set With a Miniature Quill Pen


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Make a Writing or Desk Set for a Dolls House
Desk set for a 1:12 scale dollhouse, featuring a quill pen, inkwell, pen stand, blotter and tray.

Writing set for a dollhouse desk, featuring a quill pen, blotter, inkwell, pen stand and tray in a silver finish.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This elegant dolls house writing set is made from simple materials. Easy to make, you can adjust the scale to suit any size of dollhouse.

Materials Used to Make a Dolls House Scale Writing Set

  • Small Beads - I used a crystal bicorne bead for my inkwell, and small metal beads for the base and top, as well as a smaller matching bead for the handle of my blotter, and two small seed beads for the feet of the pen holder. Check your stash or look for items you can salvage from broken jewellery.
  • Scrap of Craft Wood - I used a scrap of square stock for the base of my blotter. You should use a piece which in your scale, will represent roughly 6 inches long by 3 inches wide.
  • Fine Sandpaper - to sand your blotter block to shape.
  • Foil Paper - I used recycled foil from a candy, but kitchen foil will work as well. For the tray and pen stand I used recycled foil from an aluminum pie plate.
  • Feather - see the following pages for information on finding a suitable feather. Check your stash or look for clean feathers on any outside walk, outdoor feathers should be gently cleaned with soap and water and dried thoroughly before use.
  • Fine Dressmakers Pins
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Embossing tool - for flattening foil. You can substitute the back of a spoon if you wish.
  • End Cutters - for trimming pin ends.
  • Mini Drill or Pin Vice
  • Jewellery Glue or thick craft glue.

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