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Use Die Cut Stickers to Make Detailed Designs on Dollhouse Flocked Rugs


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Use Die Cut Stickers As Design Elements For Miniature Scale Mats and Rugs
Velvet finish flocked rug in dolls house scale with a snowflake design made by flocking stickers.

Flocked mat in dolls house scale with an inset snowflake design created by flocking die cut stickers.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Detailed miniature rugs can be made with custom designs using die cut or peel off stickers and contrasting flocking. It is easiest to start with a simple door mat as shown, then move on to larger rugs and stair runners when you are confident of the technique. The mat shown has a simple contrast color scheme, but you can easily create more detailed blends with practise. This is a great technique for making seasonal mats, you could use spider, owl, bat or pumpkin stickers for a Halloween mat, eggs and rabbits for easter, or hearts for Valentines day. The only limit is the sticky die cut shapes used for the design elements.

Read all the steps before you begin, especially if you will not be using double sided photo mount material as backing for your miniature rugs. You may need to adapt your technique or preparation.

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