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Young at Heart Quarter Scale Accessories

Tiny Details Well Cast

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Quarter scale cast resin stove by Young At Heart

A fifties style stove cast in resin in 1:48 scale by Young At Heart.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Debbie Young of Young At Heart has long been known for her highly detailed quarter scale building kits. To keep up with the period themes of her houses, she continues to increase her range of cast resin and injection molded plastic 1:48 scale accessories, many produced especially for her by Grandt Line. The pieces are highly detailed and designed for easy painting and assembly. Most sets come with suggestions for finishes and many appliances feature extra detailed parts (small rings for burner hobs on the 50's stove, beads for bottles on the back of the toilet etc. ).

By the Set or By the Piece

Debbie Young's tiny furniture and accessories have been designed with her house kits in mind and comes in sets, with some items available as individual pieces or accessory sets. The complete sets are named for the Debbie Young 1:48 scale house they fit into, but the sets can be mixed and matched for use in personal projects. Many of the sets feature period appliances or furnishings. There are full sets of 1:48 scale furnishings for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms and offices. Prices for a full room set of furniture range from $15 to $30, while individual furniture and appliance pieces are $4 to $10. The items are well cast, with clean finishes and very limited amounts of flash. (Tips for Cleaning Mold Lines and Flash From Models). As some items are cast resin, rather than injection molded plastic, there may be small air bubbles which require filling with a standard modelling filler.

Accurate Size and Fine Tiny Details

Injection molded plastic bakeware, plates and teapot with cups and saucers in 1:48 scale.

Injection molded plates, bakeware and teapot with cups and saucers in quarter scale from Young At Heart

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

The pieces are well designed with fine detailing. The bakeware for example has a twelve hole muffin pan, and an angel food cake pan with the center column, as well as a cookie sheet, loaf pan, cake pans (round and rectangular), pie plate, and a pizza pan. All are sized to the quarter scale equivalent of commonly available baking dishes. The pots and pans set includes open and closed dishes, a dutch oven with a separate lid, an open frying pan, tea kettle, small open pan with a separate lid and a small closed sauce pan. The option of having lids which remove in this scale is a wonderful feature.

Appliances are cast to resemble particular popular models for various time periods from turn of the century to modern pieces. Furniture pieces are cast with detailed upholstery lines to allow painted finishes or fabric appliques.

Many of the dish / pan sets are available in bulk orders at a discount pricing for clubs.

Handling and Finishing of Tiny Accessories

When working with tiny accessories like these, it is often easiest to clean the flash from the pieces leaving them attached to the main sprue, or plastic connectors, until after you have finished painting and detailing the miniature. Once your paint and finish have been applied to the main surfaces, you can carefully cut the piece free of the sprue support, sand and finish the remaining section of each piece. It is helpful to set the tiny pieces into some tacky wax or "blue tack" on the end of a toothpick while you complete the finish over the areas once joined to the sprue.

Once the small pieces are finished, Moveable Miniatures Glue or Scenic Accents Glue from Woodland Scenics, as well as tacky wax, will allow you to set pot lids in place if you want them to remain removable for future use.

When you are finishing the bases of the plates, pots or other accessories, sand them with a find sanding block or a stiff emery board or nail file across the base to test that they are square when set on a flat surface. It takes very little sanding to make these tiny items lop sided.

Injection molded plastic pots and pans in 1:48 scale, some with separate lids.

Injection molded pots and pans in quarter scale from Young At Heart

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd
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