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Miniature Wire Cupcake or Muffin Holder In Your Choice of Dollhouse Scales


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Make the Top Spiral and Spine of the Miniature Cupcake Stand
Shaping the top of a miniature cupcake stand over the conical end of a pen.

Shape the top spiral for a dollhouse cupcake stand leaving the long end of the wire emerging from the center of the spiral.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To make the top cupcake holder and the main spine for the miniature cupcake stand, cut a piece of your heavier guage wire (22 or 24) which is five inches long.

Starting with a free end of the wire at the widest part of your spiral former, wrap the wire down the form as outlined for making even spirals. For this top cupcake holder, the main wire will exit the spiral in the center of the spiral, forming the main stem for the rest of the cupcake stand.

Flatten the spiral as outlined in earlier steps, and tighten the center of the spiral to make a neat circle, with the wire heading straight down through the center. Try very hard to keep the wire neat and without tiny bends.

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