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Make Dollhouse Miniature Cupcakes With Ruffled Rose Toppings


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Make Miniature Ruffled Rose Cupcakes in Dollhouse Scales
Group of dollhouse ruffled rose cupcakes on a quarter to show the relative scale.

Four ruffled rose cupcakes made from polymer clay in 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These dollhouse scale ruffled rose cupcakes can be used for miniature wedding and shower displays, as well as pastry shops and tea rooms. They are also great made as sets of earrings or as beads for necklaces.

The cupcakes are made from polymer clay. You will need ochre color for the cupcake base, as well as your chosen color for icing. White, yellow, pink and red are all good colors. If you wish your ruffled rose topping to look like fondant, mix your chosen color with a bit of transparent clay. If you wish your topping to resemble a whipped buttercream frosting, mix a bit of softening agent into your clay before you roll it out, or use a fairly soft polymer clay brand

To make the ruffled rose toppings you will need a polymer clay blade and a round headed dressmakers pin and needle, or a fine ball ended embossing tool. You will also need fine paintbrushes and white acrylic paint to make the baking cups for the miniature cupcakes and you may want to add a bit of colored pastel to the edges of the ruffles on the roses to highlight the effect.

The basic cupcakes are made using a mold made from two part silicone mold putty although you can shape your cupcakes without a mold.

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