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Sew a Simple Hooded Doll's Sweater From a Sock


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Finding Suitable Knit Fabrics For Making Miniature Dolls Clothing
Toddler socks and children's underwear can be used to make fine knit clothing for miniature dolls.

Fine knits for small doll clothing can be found in the children's wear section, in the form of knit underwear, sleepers, socks and other inexpensive articles. Robeez coordinated toddler socks can be used to build wardrobes for male and female dolls.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

The doll sweater project is based on a set of toddler socks from Robeez, called Wild Hibiscus Baby Socks. Compare Prices

The Robeez socks are useful as they come sold in co-ordinated sets which can be used for mix and match sets of doll clothing for both male and female dolls. Other suitable knits sources for doll clothing include other baby, toddler and children's clothing items such as knit tights, sleepers, knit baby hats and cotton underclothes. When you are looking for knit fabrics for small scale dolls look for patterns that will not seem out of scale, colors that will suit your doll's complete wardrobe, and knits which will not be too bulky or out of scale.

For the sweater project you will need a sock which will easily fit over the torso of your doll. The sweater is made from the leg of the sock. I chose baby socks as they are knit from a lightweight fabric, and do not easily ravel when cut, making them an ideal knit fabric for a beginning hand sewer.

Materials Needed for the Doll Sweater Project

For the doll sweater project you will need:

  • One Sock. For the sweater as shown, try to find a sock that will fit easily over the torso of your doll without too much stretching.
  • Sewing Thread and Needle - Color to match your sock, and fine enough to fit easily through a knit loop of the sock.
  • PVA glue or Fray Check
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Dressmakers Pins

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