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Sew a Simple Hooded Doll's Sweater From a Sock


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Cut the Seams Free On the Hooded Doll Sweater
Doll sweater shown with sock used to make it.

An uncut sock shown beside a doll sweater made from the sock's pair. The sock has been cut above the heel section to make a hooded sweater. You can see where elastic ankle threads have been removed from the sock for the sweater.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

When you are certain the arm and side seams you have sewn fit your doll correctly, and the heel section for the hood lines up squarely (see step 11) take your sharp scissors and cut carefully between the side and arm seams, taking care not to damage the seams. In the photo on this page you can see the start of the sweater, with the arms cut free of the side seams, shown alongside the original sock the sweater was sewn from. If you haven't already done so, trim your sock just above the heel section to make a hem for the hood. In the case of the Robeez socks, they have writing on the bottom of the sock, so the fabric to hem the hood was cut right at the edgeof this stitching. If you are using different socks, cut the fabric at least 1/4 inch above the final curve of the sock hood, or test fit your sweater on your doll to determine where the front hem of your hood should be.

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