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Sew a Simple Hooded Doll's Sweater From a Sock


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Make a Doll's Sweater From a Sock
Hooded doll sweater, handsewn from a toddler sized sock.

Finished doll sweater with hood, sewn from the leg and heel portions of a toddler sized sock for a 1:9 scale Brenda Breyer doll.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This easy to make doll's hooded sweater is sewn by hand with simple stitches and is a good project for a beginning sewer. The sweater is made from any sock which is a suitable size and pattern for your doll. As shown here,the sweater is made from a toddler sock from Robeez, sized 6-9 months (size 1-3). This size will fit a range of miniature dolls. Shown here the sweater is sized to fit a 1:9 scale Brenda Breyer Doll. As the doll has extremely wide hips, the sweater can only be made with a closed front to fit this doll. For a smaller doll it could be made with an opening front. Or I could make an opening front sweater for this doll from a larger sock.

There is a corresponding tutorial to make a skirt from a sock, or you may be able to use the second sock of a pair to sew simple leggings.

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