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Sew a Custom Fitted Sleeper For Any Size of Baby Doll


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Make a Custom Fitted Baby Doll Sleeper or Bunting Bag for Any Size of Doll
Dollhouse baby doll in a custom fitted stretch baby sleeper with a velcro closure.

Dollhouse scale baby doll dressed in a removable one piece baby sleeper.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

The instructions that follow for making a custom fitted baby doll sleeper can be adjusted to fit most baby dolls with moveable arms. The sleeper is removable, and can be made from knit or woven fabric. If you make the sleeper without legs, you can adjust the skirt to make a bunting bag instead of a sleeper.

The sleeper shown in 1:12 scale is less than 2 inches long, and is made from fine inexpensive knit fabric. Sleepers for larger baby dolls can be made using heavier knits. Another good source of fine knitted fabric for miniature doll clothing is standard baby clothing or baby tights.

To make a baby doll sleeper you will need:

  • Fine Knit or Woven Fabric - with a print suitable to your doll size. You will need a piece roughly 2 1/2 times as wide as your doll and a bit longer than your doll is tall. If you want your sleeper to be removable, knits are preferable to woven fabrics. Fine stretch knits are easiest to fit to a doll.
  • Custom Baby Doll Sloper Pattern - This is easy to make from the linked instructions.
  • Fray Check or PVA Fabric Glue.
  • Fine Sharp Scissors
  • Fine needle and fine cotton thread or silk sewing thread
  • Hemostats or Bent Nose Tweezers for turning the sleepers once they are sewn.
  • Doll Velcro or suitable sized fasteners for your size of doll.
  • Paper for Sleeper Pattern.


The doll shown is porcelain from a "Belly Button Baby" mold. The 'rubber duck' is also porcelain, made in the UK by Avon Miniatures. The baby is shown on the Miniature Wicker Change Table

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