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Make Elastic Beaded Necklaces for Dolls


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Use Seed Beads and Elastic To Make Easy Necklaces for Dolls
Two doll necklaces made with elastic and 15/0 seed beads on the neck of a 1:12 scale bjd.

Necklaces made with elastic cord and 15/0 beads will pass over the head of a dolls' house doll.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These simple doll necklaces can be strung on highly elastic floss so they will stretch over a doll's head and hair, or they can be made with a simple bead and loop clasp. The range of patterns and styles is limited only by your imagination.

The two necklaces shown here on a 1:12 scale "Mina" ball jointed doll, with a larger than normal head, are both made from 15/0 Miyuki seed beads, over two different types of elastic floss.

To make necklaces for dollhouse and other small dolls you will need:

  • Elastic Beading Cord or Floss - elastic beading cord is available from bead supply stores, mine was 0.6mm cord. I would not used thicker cord for this project. If possible, search out gossamer elastic 'invisible thread' from a magic trick supply house, or look for fine elastic cord in the fly tying section of a sporting goods store.
  • Seed Beads - I used Miyuki Japanese Seed Beads in the 15/0 round size for most of the necklaces. Use the smallest size of seed bead you can find.
  • Crimp Beads - I used small metal crimp beads to hold the elastic threads.
  • Beading Needle - if you use the lightweight elastic thread or floss you can use a fine beading needle to string your beads.
  • Fine Pliers - Used to close the crimp beads.
  • The Ultimate glue - or other strong jewellery glue. Used to hold fine elastic thread and any 'jewel's' added to your beads.

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