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Tip For Sewing Fine Knit Seams for Doll Clothing Using a Sewing Machine
Test sewing the narrow seams for tiny doll clothing on a paper backing.

To keep fine knit from binding as you sew tiny seams, the fabric is laid on regular printer paper or tissue paper and stitched through all layers including the paper.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

For tiny doll clothing made from fine knits, it is a good idea to test your sewing machine to see which method works best for you. Take a scrap of your fabric, double it so there are two cut edges together, and test sew it on your sewing machine, checking the tension, and the effect your choice of a straight, zig-zag stitch or overstitch will have on the visibility of your seams.

In the photo above I want to make very narrow seams for my 1:12 scale doll, so I laid the fabric pieces on a piece of printer paper (you can also use plain tissue paper) to hold the seams and keep them from jamming in the throat of my sewing machine. I stitched both zig-zag stitches over the edge of the seam, and straight seams to see how my machine handles this fine fabric with very narrow (less than 1/8 inch seams).

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