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Make Custom Fitted Shoes for Dolls With A Basic Pattern


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Lay Out a Sole Allowance For the Toe Cap Pattern
Shoe toe pattern shown overlaid on a toe section with a fold allowance.

The shoe toe pattern is shown set over a piece which gives an even allowance for the extra fabric which is glued to the insole.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

When you have a precise toe cap pattern that fits your particular doll, lay it on another piece of paper and draw a line an even distance away from the pattern to make the pattern large enough that it can be folded over and glued to an insole. For dollhouse miniature dolls you may need to keep this to less than 1/8 inch wide. For larger dolls, you may want an allowance as large as 1/4 inch.

In order to allow you to position fabric designs for future shoes, you want both the exact toe cap pattern, and a second pattern with the folding allowance shown on it. Label the pattern with your doll's initials.

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