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Make Custom Fitted Shoes for Dolls With A Basic Pattern


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Make Doll Shoes With Custom Fitted Shoe Patterns for Any Size or Shape of Doll
Doll shoes shown with a miniature felted Norwich terrier.

Basic doll shoes can be custom fitted to any size or shape of doll.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Doll shoes are not as difficult to make as you might think. Basic slip on Mary Jane style shoes are a good pattern to start with as they can be easily made to fit any doll. You can use fabric reinforced with lightweight interfacing to make the shoes, as is shown in the instructions for making removeable slippers for dolls or you can make fine flexible faux leather for smaller dolls. If you wish you can also choose one of the thin leathers for miniatures.

In addition to the fabric or leather for the upper part of the shoe, you will also need a sharp pencil, paper, lightweight card stock, pva glue, medium weight card for thin craft foam for the soles, and embroidery thread, bunka or other decorative cord for the trims.

I've shown the steps for making a custom pattern to fit any size or type of doll. Once you have the basic pattern made, you can adapt it to design various other boots and shoes for your doll's feet.

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