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Make an Easy Evening Dress for Any Size or Shape of Doll


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Make an Evening Dress or Prom Dress For a Doll
Polly Pocket doll in an easy to make evening dress.

Polly Pocket doll in an easy to make evening dress made from two way stretch fabric and wired ribbon.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This strapless evening or prom dress is easy to make for a doll. It takes only a few basic stitches. If the dress will be used by older children, you can make the top trim with wired ribbon so the dress bodice is held on the doll like a wire twist tie. For younger children you can make the dress fasten with a small snap, or a bit of doll velcro.

The dress is shown here on a Polly Pocket Doll which is roughly 3 1/4 inches tall. As the dress is very simple to make and fit, it can be scaled even smaller for 1:24 scale dollhouse dolls, or up in size for fashion or larger dolls.

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