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Make a Winter Fairy Costume For Any Size of Doll


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Make a Winter Fairy Costume for a Doll
Winter fairy in a simple dress made from swimsuit fabric with wings of organza ribbon

Easy miniature winter fairy costumed with a dress made from swimsuit fabric and wings made from organza ribbon.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This easy to make winter fairy costume can be made to fit almost any doll. You can make it with or without sleeves, and if you wish, you can leave the sleeves separate to help fit the costume on the doll. If you prefer, you can make an angel costume using the same method, just change the shape of the wings. Most fairies are shown with insect wings, while angels are shown with folded bird wings.

All parts of this costume can be made with a simple backstitch and sewn by hand. I shown the costume here, fitted to a yard sale Polly Pocket doll which is light enough to be used for a Christmas tree ornament. If you want to hang your fairies outside in the garden, make sure they will stand up to uv light and harsh weather.

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