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Make a Peacock Feathered Venetian Mask in Dolls' House Scale


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Make Feathered Venetian Masks for Dolls
Venetian peacock feather mask in dolls house miniature scale.

1:12 scale Venetian peacock feather mask on a dolls' house doll.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

Venetian masks with feathers aren't as difficult to make for small dolls and dollhouse dolls as you might think. This method uses light weight iron on interfacing to secure the feathers without the mess of glue. The masks can be built with a range of decorative details, and you can use feathers all around as shown here, or cluster them in small areas.

These feather masks can be made for almost any size of doll, just find suitable feathers which seem in scale with the mask.

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