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Make a Custom Fitted Lab Coat for Any Shape of Doll


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Sew a Lab Coat for Any Size or Shape of Doll
Lab coat for a doll

A lab coat for a doll has a standard lapel and collar, along with patch pockets. The coat can be finished with simple buttons made from polymer clay.

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A simple lab coat makes a great test project for a custom coat pattern designed to fit your doll. Lab coats are made from lightweight fabric, and have few seams, making them a good check of your custom pattern lines and fitting ease. Once you have tested your coat pattern with a lab coat, you can adjust or modify the pattern for a range of jackets and coats, made from all kinds of materials.

Fabrics Suitable for Lab Coats for Dolls

I wanted a slightly grubby, worn looking lab coat, so I searched through my 'rag' pile for a piece of a cotton percale sheet. Worn sheets, worn denim shirts, worn white dress shirts, or oxford cloth blouses will also give you lots of fine fabric to make a simple lab coat. If you can't find suitable fabric in small amounts, try a quilt shop for plain cotton fabric, for smaller dolls a 'fat quarter' will provide enough fabric. Another source of good plain inexpensive fabric is a single pillowcase from a bargain store or thrift shop.

Buttons and Fasteners

- You can make buttons from polymer clay for your lab coat and use a velcro closure similar to the one used to close a simple doll shirt

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