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How to Make Diapers (Nappies) and Diaper Pins for Dollhouse Dolls


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Diapers (Nappies) for Dollhouse Baby Dolls
Diapering scene for a dollhouse with baby, cloth diapers, and diaper pins on a change table.

This dollhouse baby has "cloth" diapers or nappies made from facial tissue, fastened with tiny diaper pins.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd
Outfitting the changing table for a dollhouse miniature scene begins with diapers (nappies). Your choice of diapers will depend on the period of your display. In my research I found an interesting history of Diapers and toileting. From the late 1700's on you are safe with cloth diapers, although Walter Hunt didn't invent the safety pins until 1849, and straight pins were in widespread use until the 1880's. If your display is post 1961, you can use disposable diapers or cloth on your baby.

This tutorial uses simple found materials to create miniature diapers so you can make as many as you need for your display. I used recyled plastic grocery bags and facial tissues. You can use a bead or a section of painted dowel or square stock to make a simple tissue / wipe box or holder. Use a single ply of facial tissue to make the wipes.

I show how to make the heads for diaper pins from polymer clay in this tutorial, but you can also make more traditional safety pins substituting heavy foil for the polymer clay. I used 24 gauge wire to make the pins, you can make finer pins with finer wire.

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