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Hand or Machine Sew a Simple Doll Dress or Skirt For Any Size of Doll


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How to Sew a Simple Doll Dress or Skirt From Quilting Cotton
Panda pattern on quilting cotton used for a simple miniature doll dress

A section of quilting cotton is made into a simple miniature doll dress for a 1:24 scale Calico Critter

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This simple wrap dress or skirt is a good hand or machine sewing project for anyone new to making doll clothing. As shown here, panda pattern quilt cotton is fitted to a 1:24 scale Calico Critters figure to make an easy to sew dress. The same fabric is shown in the next photo fitted to a 1:12 scale ball jointed doll as a skirt.

This sewing project requires only three hand sewing stitches, a small piece of woven cotton broadcloth or quilting cotton (you can use a fat quarter sold by a quilt fabric shop, which is a sufficient size for most dolls) and a length of bias binding tape or ribbon which is at least 1/2 inch wide (quarter inch bias binding). To make the dress, you will need a length of narrow ribbon (sized to suit your doll) which co-ordinates with the dress fabric, and which is long enough to make a "halter" to tie around the neck of your doll. You will also need a pair of sharp scissors that will cut fabric, a fine sewing needle, a few dressmaking pins and thread which matches your fabric. To close the wrap skirt or dress you will need a dot or a small section of velcro, or a small sewing snap fastener, or hook and eye.

The edges of this project are finished with simple hems, ribbon or bias binding tape. If you prefer, you can finish the bottom and side edges with Fray check or a similar fabric glue to reduce the amount of sewing needed. Iron on fusible hemming tapes like "Stitch Witchery" can be used to finish the edges as well.

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